Nearly there..

Posted on July 12, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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Hey 2S,

Just a quick post to say well done for nearly finishing year 2, you’ve been a fabulous class and I can’t wait to see you all in September to see how much you’ve grown over the summer! You’ll have a wonderful time in year 3 as you have great teachers to look after you. Have a safe and fun summer!

Mrs Simpson 🙂

We say goodbye..

Posted on June 20, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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We say goodbye to Miss Phillips this week as she prepares for her new job in the midlands. She’ll be teaching year 4 and we wish her all the best, she’s a great teacher!

Library Visit

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On Monday last week all the children in year 2 went to visit Longsight library. Here they were spoken to about what a library provides, what ind of books they could find and how to find them. They also were read some lovely stories as well as getting the chance to choose a book to bring back to the classroom to read in silent reading time.

Well done, nearly there!

Posted on May 21, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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We all know how tired we get towards the end of term and this one has been very long  7 weeks! I just wanted to say well done to class 2S because you keep working hard no matter how tired you are. Also to say a well done for getting through some of your SATs tests, these can be very draining and takes a lot of you.

Mrs Simpson

Room on the Broom

Posted on May 7, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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We’ve had an awfully busy time after coming back from Easter hols! There’s been much to learn and time seems to have really flown. Today our class had a special visitor, the witch from Julia Donaldson’s Room on the Broom! The class had worked hard to create open questions that the witch would find interesting to answer. It helped us learn more about the character. 🙂

Summer term first half

Posted on April 13, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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Welcome back to school everyone after a lovely Easter break!

This half term in Literacy we shall be concentrating on poems that play with words, so riddles, tongue twisters, shape poems etc.. We will also look at different stories by the same author.

In numeracy we continue with thinking about what each digit in a number means – it’s place value- is it a hundred? A ten? A unit? Ordering and writing and reading numbers to at least one hundred. Ant group up to 500 or more! We shall be studying 2 and 3d shapes, revising time – knowing our units of time, and reading digitial and analogue clocks. We will be looking at capacity and what we use to measure liquids.

Our geography topic is our local area, religious education will be looking at Sikhism and our design and technology subject is moving pictures – pop up work, the children will learn the name of, and make, a variety of mechanisms.

In science we shall be studying forces, what is a push? What is a pull? What about friction?

Remember that PE is on Wednesday and Friday and PE kit must be brought in so that no one misses out. The spelling test is on Friday morning, new spellings given out by Monday afternoon. Homework is given out on Friday and expected back in ready to be marked by Wednesday.

– I’d also like to add a welcome to Miss Phillips who will be joining us for most of the the summer term. She is a trainee teacher in her final year at Manchester University and will be completing her final block placement with us. I know she has got lots of exciting things planned so it’ll be great to have her as part of our family!

Mrs S

If you’re at home wondering what to do whilst the school is closed..

Posted on March 17, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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Since the school is shut and we’re missing our science lesson today why not go out in your garden or look around your house or local area for plants. Can you identify them? Maybe you could do some drawings of them. Can you find any seeds in your kitchen? What about seeds that we eat?

Perhaps you could think up a story based upon a fairy tale and have a story telling session with your family. You could also practise your arrays using pieces of pasta or anything else you could use as counters – try making arrays for these numbers….what would the multiplication be?

28          32        35            44               33       66        80

Hopefully the water’ll be on and we’ll see you tomorrow 😀

Craft fun

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If you’ve enjoyed our craft making fun then if you go the creativity part of our school blog (on the from the home page) then you will see a post about great websites which give you ideas on things to make and do. You can also add your own favourite sites too. 🙂

Finger Mouse!

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Our design and technology topic this half term is puppets and so we started it off by making a finger mouse! Some of your mums and dads may remember watching a telly programme called finger mouse and it was fab fun!

finger mouse

Origami and Peace Week

Posted on March 8, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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We’ve been putting the world to rights alot recently, talking about what we’d change to make the world a better place. Today we’ve been discussing peace for peace week and how it’s easy to find peace when you are on your own but not so much when there’s a big mix of people around. We came up with different ways of making the playground a better place to be eg. if we see anyone alone ask them if they want to play, sharing a smile with others..etc..

So where does origami come into this? Well you need to be in a peaceful frame of mind to have a go at this excellent paper art, and of course the white bird represents peace too. So with a bit of patience and a lot of skill we’ve made beautiful origami birds on which we’ve written on our messages for peace in the mix…they’re hanging outside our classroom if you fancy a look!

Oh and for all of you who enjoyed making them here’s a great link to an origami website: