If you’re at home wondering what to do whilst the school is closed..

Posted on March 17, 2010 by Mrs Simpson.
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Since the school is shut and we’re missing our science lesson today why not go out in your garden or look around your house or local area for plants. Can you identify them? Maybe you could do some drawings of them. Can you find any seeds in your kitchen? What about seeds that we eat?

Perhaps you could think up a story based upon a fairy tale and have a story telling session with your family. You could also practise your arrays using pieces of pasta or anything else you could use as counters – try making arrays for these numbers….what would the multiplication be?

28          32        35            44               33       66        80

Hopefully the water’ll be on and we’ll see you tomorrow 😀

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  Miss Wakefield
Comment on March 17th, 2010.

Hello Mrs Simpson and 2S. Miss Wakefield here. We have been added onto the Eurodance blog. Hooray! Next week we can add some more information and perhaps some photos. Have a look at the other schools that are taking part. We are up against some stiff competition. If you type in ‘Upton Stick Dance’ into google you can see a dance very similar to the one we are working on.
This is the address of the blog

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